About breeding and European breeding Ethics

Breeding is like Art. The more talent you have, the better the result is going to be. Every breeding is an act of creative mind combined with enough funds, thourough research and proper preparation.
But not every breeder follows this. You do not have to be creative or talented to breed a male to a female you have. Or your dog to your neighbor's dog. Or to breed your 15 females to the same stud over and over again. You don't need much brain to do this either. No Art in this. Just money making.
Breeding ethics vary from kennel to kennel, from country to country. Keep your mind open and this will save you from being disappointed.
What AKC considers a reputable breeder differs A LOT from what some of the mainstream breeders think. What you prefer is purely your personal choice.
Is it possible to achieve any significant success with one or two litters a year? I don't know. In Europe things are very different. First of all, most national breed clubs don't limit the breeders. They don't need to. Europe has never been plagued by puppy mills and backyard breeders. Stringent breeding requirements filter out everything unwanted. Most breed clubs require a dog to be shown at least once with a satisfactory placement. Working dogs are required to pass working trials. A lot of breeds have mandatory hip certification. All this puts European breeding at a much higher level than in the States.
Since most European and South American countries fall under FCI, FCI ensures same rules apply to dogs living in ALL member countries. AKC stands aside. To join FCI means to lose money and authority. But there will be fewer litters registered per year. Fewer poor quality dogs. Fewer unwanted pets in shelters. Unfortunately, things are not going to change with AKC. So, that's why breeders come up with their own criteria how to grade breeders and kennels. All this is pretty wild to a European breeder who doesn't separate show from pet if the dog conforms to the standard. A full registration comes with all European dogs unless the dog has some kind of a defect or missing ancestors. Things are different in the US.

So, we are sticking to the European ethics. A show quality pup is a show quality pup. Not for money making purposes but for the sake of ART. Art of breeding. It doesn't matter what you are going to do with the dog, show or train or just have it as a companion - the quality stands. And that's how we determine which dog costs what. Since we are in the States, we want to be careful about where our dogs end up. This is why pet homes and Schutzhund homes are preferred.

Why are we breeding?
We've owned and been owned by dobermans for a long, looooong time. Breeding didn't come as a consequence of owning a breeding pair (which happens when you deal with backyard 'greeders'). It was a well planned and thought-through decision that took us about 10 (TEN) years!!!! Prior to that, we've travelled as far as Argentina for a World Dog Show where we showed our European bred bitch, Smart Wood Hills Daphne Arbora. We've done extensive training OURSELVES to know what makes a doberman a DOBERMAN. With experience, came the vision. With the vision, came intuition. These are the three core qualifications of a serious and successfull breeding program.

Don't be fooled by people claiming they breed a 'total Dobe' or that they breed for the betterment of the breed. In the first case, the breeder has to get 'dirty' and go through all the showing and training himself to gain the unique experience and enrich his vision of the breed. If you see no such evidence in his/her breeding, run away. As for the latter, one question pops up: HOW does this breeder make the breed better? A good example: Nitro Del Rio Bianco. He was a muti-champion, produced numerous winning offsprings, was claimed a top producer and lived well past 10. All of this was achieved by his breeder-owner. Thanks to him, the world discovered this magnificient dog. Thanks to Nitro and his breeder, working together, so many lines and breeding combinations have been improved. This is what we call " for the betterment of the breed". If you find no such or similar evidence on the breeder's website, look elsewhere.

"We are the best", "the best ever", etc - often you can hear this in conversations with various breeders. How do they support claims like this? Do they show? Do they train? The only 'best' dog is the dog that proves it's a top winner by winning major competitions like Euro Dog Show or World Dog Show or IDC show; top producer - by siring winning progeny, top working dog - by completing Schutzhund level 3 and more...
Well, 99% of the breeders leave it as it is - just talk...

Showing and Training
Even if you are not interested in showing or training, you have to realize and appreciate why we do this.
1. Shows are the tool that dictates the breeders what a modern doberman should look like, which traits are in higher regard, which studs are recommended for breeding etc. It's a way of shaping up the right conformation in the modern-day population of dobermans.
2. By showing and training successfully we know our dogs are suitable candidates for quality breeding.
Note: If a breeder's website doesn't contain ANY information/news/updates about the development, results and successes of their dogs and progeny, this means this website is serving its only purpose - doberman puppy online shop. Basically, it only shows you the prospective parents that most likely live in the same household and litter announcments. Maybe some brief info about how useless shows are and how great their dogs are. To buy or not to buy - this is purely up to you.

Our Breeding
We are introducing a new emphasis to our breeding program - LONGEVITY.
We pick studs very carefully. Phenotype and Genotype are the primary concerns. If you just want A dog, our pups are not for you. The Doberman, in our understanding, is a beautiful creature and its perfection shouldn't be ruined by breeding A male to A female just to get a few pups of mediocre quality. Our pups cost $1500-2500 (depends on the quality of the pup). If you don't have the means for a well-bred pup, please, consider rescuing. Don't support back-yard breeding just because you want A doberman. There are a few million dogs put to sleep annually because of such people. There are just not enough homes for these little, innocent, misearable creatures. As for us, if you don't want the dog or can no longer care for it, we will take it back.

Pet Breeding
It's quite entertaining to browse through various kennel websites from time to time and read what breeders write there. Sadly, people don't realize that what they read is normally absolute nonsense.

There is no such thing as breeding for pet. Period. ANY breeding is a selective process to establish a line, develop certain good traits, eliminate some flaws. NONE of this can be achieved by means of breeding pet-quality dogs. By accepting this, you accept the fact that you are getting a mediocre pup from a person aiming at degrading the breed.

Look at it this way.There is always first class and second class. Both go hand in hand. It's a tremendous luck to breed a litter full of champions. Most often, there is a pup or two - pick(s) of the litter who have potential to become champions, great working dogs, etc. The rest of the litter are fine dogs but they are not up to the highest conformation level so should be placed as pets. So, why go to a person who has no idea what and why he/she breeds and get a pet quality pup, while you can have a much nicer dog with a better chance of living a healthier life from a reputable breeder?! Or save a life, adopt a PET.
There are pet quality pups in all breedings. Their price is normally 50% of the normal price.

Normally there are two types of buyers.
1. Those who know what they want,
2. and those who don't.
It's easier to work with type 1. If I have the right dog and if the buyer clicks with me, we are off to a good start. If I don't have the right dog, they will search until they find it. Eventhough their choice might not be the correct one.
Type 2 is trickier but more fun to work with as most of type 2s are very willing to work and excel in raising a good doberman. But there are type 2s who are simply ignorant, not willing to learn or research. Those are normally filtered right away.
We are a family. You have to like me. And I have to like you back.

Raising, Temperament
We live in the country, in the eco-friendly area, with deer, cattle, and other wild life in abundance! Our pups are raised inside ONLY. In a warm and clean environment.
With daily loving care. We've got kids so pups get a lot of attention from the little human devils.
We don't have cats. Little puppies usually have no problem adapting to their feline pals if introduced early on.
Daily walking schedule consists of 4 outside walks where they are allowed to run freely on our rolling acres. No fighting or bullying is permitted. Keep in mind that you have to be able to walk your dogs OUTSIDE, not in the febced yard, but outside, around the town, in the park, in the forest - at least once a day. A doberman needs a good 40 minutes of active play, jogging, hiking A DAY. Remember, a lot of behavioral problems are caused by boredom and unused energy.

We are still experimenting. Right now our puppies are eating Authority (best ingredient list for the best money, best poop as well LOL), Nutro or ProPlan. We also mix that with canned food or home-made doggie soup. They love it!!!!! We used to feed our dogs a raw diet but this process is very time consuming, so we had to switch. But if you want to give it a try, go for it! Just read as much as you can before trying.

Pups are dewormed and vaccinated. We try to vaccinate our own litters as late as possible so not to negatively affect their immune system. Imports come with at least one set of shots, and we take from there. Dews might or might not be removed. This depends on the vet who docks the tails. We perform regular fecals on all our dogs. Since we live in the farmland, on 5 acres, with a river running through, sometimes pups can pick up certain unpleaseant things. We do monthly dewormings but you are highly recommended to do so as well as doing a fecal.

Ear cropping is $450 extra. Usually done between 8 and 12 weeks at the Pender Vet Clinic.

Paypal can be used only for deposits. Otherwise, we accept checks, money orders and wire transfers. All checks are placed on a 5-business day hold!!!

- You might want to obtain a pet insurance to cover unexpected health problems. Euthanizing a dog just because you are not able to pay for its health care is totally unacceptable.
- Do not ask us if we know of any other breeder/litter/puppy somewhere else. We mind our own business. Plus, it's unethical.
- Do not offer us to trade our pups. They are not things. They are living beings.
- Do not offer us 'a deal'. We value our breeding.
- Do not offer us your studs. We have our vision of breeding and stick to it.
- We do not keep waiting lists. But we welcome emails indicating what exactly you are looking for and informing us about yourself and time frame you would like to purchase a pup.
- If you put a deposit down on a pup but for some reason unable to take the pup, the deposit will roll over onto the next litter.
- Our dogs are larger than average. Males range between 95lbs and 125lbs. We prefer dogs of the standard height and weight (100lbs) because that's what the standard says thus making it MANDATORY to follow it. No oversized doberman is conformation-wise suitable. So, do not ask us for a 'giant', 'warlock' or great-dane-type dog. We care about the looks and the style more than about the size. A heavy dog is not a good working dog. And that's the primary purpose of this breed, remember that.
- Price depends solely on the quality of the dog and breeding expenses not on your intentions for the pup.

- All C.M. puppies are sold with a limited registration in order to control the doberman population and preserve the line. Full registration will be granted ONLY to people planning on showing or working or those who want to participate in the breeding program of OUR kennel. In certain cases, full registration MAY be granted if agreed upon with the Breeder beforehand but only after the dog completes a full health check (vWD, OFA hips, heart, thyroid) and finishes BH or CGC.
What comes with the puppy:
1. puppy pack and lots of advice
2. parents' health history upon request
3. shots to date
4. de-worming
5. tail docked
6. dews may or may not be removed
7. buyer's agreement
8. lifetime support
9. registration

Training/Showing your dog
We can organize training and showing your dog in Europe. UKC, ADA, UDC shows are also a great option for a Euro-bred. Google local Schutzhund clubs - there might be once close to you, and start going their once your pup has basic vaccinations done.

Doberman доберман Doberman доберман
Doberman доберман Doberman доберман

Here are some of our show trophies

Doberman доберман

And this trophy is the most special and dear - no other Doberman has ever won Best-in-Show Puppy at the largest Russian annual show "Evrazia" before.

Doberman доберман

And here are some of the pups bred by us:

Doberman доберман Doberman доберман Doberman доберман Doberman доберман

Our dogs' daily life is very regimented. Physical exercise and good physical shape are of greatest importance. They get 4 walks a day, 1-1.5 hours each. We do not keep dogs in inside/outside runs. No dog can be happy living such a life. They all run and play together, thus developing important social and pack skills.

Doberman доберман Doberman доберман

We always supervise all their walks. First, dogs need human contact. Second, we prevent them from developing unwanted habits, i.e. excessive barking, fighting, digging. And third, we always play with the dogs. An important skill we try to develop is ball drive.

Doberman доберман Doberman доберман Doberman доберман

Those who have it teach those who don't have it. Ball and prey drive are crucial in training, exercising and establishing control over your dog. And this is how all our pups are raised.

Doberman доберман
Doberman доберман

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