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CH Caspian Beeze Gortenzia CH. Kadir z Padoku CH. A'donikons Iskander CH. Remijaguare ERAGON

CH. Zara Di Altobello CH. Ability Delberta DeLor. CH. Sant Kr. Shaheresada Evropa Luv Rose

CH. Canis Maximus Palu CH. Almera's Zolton Canis Maximus Aru

Welcome to our website! This website is a great informative resource for anyone interested in a Doberman, be it of American or European descent, bred by a professional or a backyard breeder, rescued or bought. We all love our dogs, no matter where they come from.

We've been alerted on several occasions that our dogs' photos
are used to scam people out of money.

WHY we breed is a question without an answer, it is what it is. But HOW we breed defines the kennel and its principles.
1. It is very important to maintain the looks of the breed, never to ruin, always to protect and improve. Show breeders are the ones who maintain the image of the breed. And that's why we show.
2. Dobermans were designed as a working breed. This requires serious work to carry on. It's crucial that the breed is not seen as vicious or dangerous by the public.
3. The breed has two major health problems.
NB: Please check your spam/junk folder if you don't get a response from us within a day.

Doberman доберман Doberman доберман

Doberman доберман Doberman доберман

Here is what we breed:

Doberman доберман Doberman доберман Doberman доберман Doberman доберман Doberman доберман Doberman доберман Doberman доберман Doberman доберман Doberman доберман Doberman доберман

More here: http://www.canis-maximus.com/blood.html

Get to know Doberman types:
- American breeding (show quality breeding only, we do not consider any other kind of American breeding to be worth mentioning)

Doberman доберман

And here is one of the best American-bred dobermans. Stunning!

Doberman доберман

- European breeding:
Typical Euro head.

Doberman доберман

And here are stunning Euro-bred champions:

Doberman доберман Doberman доберман

There are two main reasons why American dobermans differ so much from the European dobermans. First, it is the conformation. The main reason the two types have less and less in common is the judges. Since no dog inferior in conformation should be bred, the selection of a particular dog to win major conformation shows dictates the breeders what they should work on in their breeding program, what studs should be used, what conformation traits should be cultivated in breeding. Second, it's the temperament. American Doberman owners focus on pets and the Show Ring while the European owners keep working traits in the line without overlooking the conformation.

There are no bad or good types. Which you prefer is your personal choice. We are not here to tell you that European dobermans are superior to American Dobermans or vice versa. It is a purely subjective matter and it is up to the Buyer to pick which is more appealing.

How do select the right breeder:

To find the right breeder, all you have to do is ask 2 simple questions:
1. Why do you breed?
2. What work do you do with your dogs?

Many breeders substitute showing and training with health testing. A health tested dam + a health tested dad can still result in a poorly bred litter. Showing + training is challenging, requires a lot of time and financial investment. Health testing is limited, doesn't require as much dedication, can be done anywhere and doesn't guarantee your dog is going to be healthy, of sound temperament and good conformation. Keep in mind, that on average any dog is a carrier of at least 3 genetic diseases. So, do your homework, read, save, study, look around, ask around.
Judge the breeder by his/her breeding results and breed accomplishments!

Our ideal Doberman is a dog you can go anywhere with and feel protected. It's a dog that will follow you everywhere... without fear... a dog that will not run away and will never betray you. It's a dog to enjoy, a work of art to admire, a companion to jog with, a buddy to go hiking with. It's a Friend. A Protector.

Quality Dobermans look like this:

Doberman доберман Doberman доберман Doberman доберман

Familiarize yourself with breed problems prior to purchase. The breed has two major health problems: DCM (heart) and genetic diversity.
To read more about the breed, check out our website.

Puppy Application - HERE   Taping - HERE   Prices - HERE

Enjoy your visit.
Canis Maximus

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Doberman доберман


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