CH. Kadir z Padoku (Import: Poland)

Doberman доберман

Sire: INT.CH. Pako Daker
Doberman доберман
Dam: INT.CH. Sharon z Padoku
Doberman доберман

Show: Russian Champion, Multi-Best Puppy, BISp - 3 place, 7xCAC, CC
Training: IPO-1, IPO-2, certificate, certificate 2
Health: vWD-carrier, cardio-normal, thyroid-normal, , DCM-negative (DNA)
OFA hips, OFA elbows OFA hips/elbows - link, Heart

Pedigree - Pictures

COD: cancer

Multi-CH. A'donikons Iskander

Doberman доберман

Sire: CH. Teraline Midgard
Doberman доберман
Dam: CH. A'Donikons Yarkoe Sozvezdie
Doberman доберман

Show: Baltic Countries Ch, Romanian CH, Bulgarian CH, CH of Cyprus, Georgian CH,
CH of Moldova, CH of Macedonia, CH of Montenegro, CACIB

Training: IPO-1
Health: OFA hips - Good, DCM (Meurs) - hetero, vWD-clear, thyroid - normal, ECHO-normal
About: High ball drive. Very obedient. Excellent topline - short and strong!

Pedigree - Pictures

Doberman доберман

Smart Wood Hills Daphne Arbora
(s. Multi-CH Tamerlan iz Slavnoy Staii
d. Multi-CH Smart Wood Hills Pilar)

24 Feb 2004 - 14 May 2009

Cause: DCM

J. CH. of Luxembourg and Switzerland, Multi-CW, Junior & Puppy Winner, BH, ZTP-V1A, Qualifier for Crufts 2006!!! HD-A, OFFA-Good, Katarakt-free, PHTVL/PHPV-free, vWD-clear, SchH A

Pedigree - Pictures

Jugin Grand iz Zoosfery
(s. Multi-CH Bombastic von Hanseaten
d. CH Greis iz Zoosfery)

25 July 2000 - 26 September 2008

Cause: Unknown

Russian Champion, Russian Canine Federation Champion, multi-CAC, multi-CW, BIS, BOS, VPG/IPO-1, BH, HD-A (France)/B (Germany), OFA-Good, vWD-Carrier, Katarakt-free, PHTVL/PHPV-free

Pedigree - Pictures

Doberman доберман

CH. Zaphira von der Horringhauser Hoh (German import)

Doberman доберман

Sire: Memphis von der Horringhauser Hoh
Doberman доберман
Dam: Hishana von der Horringhauser Hoh
Doberman доберман

Show: Russian Champion
Training: IPO-1, IPO-2
Health: vWD-clear (by parentage), HD-B, CERF, cardio-normal (ECHO), DCM-negative (DNA)
About: She comes from Old Dutch and Belgian lines

Cause: euthanasia

Pedigree - Pictures

J.CH. Josephine Joy vom Noblesshof

Sire: Multi-CH. Fedor del Nasi
Doberman доберман
Dam: CH. Simba Zena v. Noblesshof
Doberman доберман

Doberman доберман

Show: Youth Champion of Serbia, Youth Club Winner of Bosnia, multi-winner
Health: HD-B, PHTVL/PHPV-free, Cataract-free, PRA, CEA-free, vWD-carrier,
DCM-negative (by DNA)

Pedigree - Pictures, Progeny


Klassik Allert Ursula

Doberman доберман

Sire: Multi-CH. Delux de Grande Vinko
Doberman доберман
Dam: CH. Klassik Allert Liga
Doberman доберман

Health: vWD-carrier, hips normal, CERF, cardio-normal, DCM - negative (DNA), thyroid-normal
Show: cropped ears not standing.
About: Miss Chest. Super deep, super wide. Very large size. And of calm and gentle nature.
2 Feb 2008 - 16 June 2012
cause: mastitis complications


CH. Caspian Breeze Gortenzia Retired.

Sire: Multi-CH. Boris iz Doma Domeni
Doberman доберман
Dam: CH. Bredli Bo Roventa
Doberman доберман

Doberman доберман

Show: Russian Junior Champion, Russian Champion, RFSS Champion, 1 CC
Training: IPO-1
Health: vWD Clear, Cardio - normal (June 09), thyroid - normal,
OFA-Excellent, DCM-negative (DNA)
About: Our most beautiful female. Elegant, gracious, her looks just take your breath away.

Pedigree - Pictures

Hismerh Katana Ko Cause - cancer

Doberman доберман

Sire: AM. CH. Irinland Eros Erato
Doberman доберман
Dam: Multi-CH. Teraline Afina
Doberman доберман

Show: V-3
Training: IPO-1, IPO-2, IPO-3 certificate
Health: vWD clear, Hips, Heart, OFA-good, HD-A, cardio-free, DCM-negative (DNA), ECHO
About: Our smartest girl. Her drive and trainability are astonishing.
Her nerves are to envy. She is any trainer's dream.

Pictures - Pedigree
Litter "G"

A'donikons Konni (Russia)

Sire: CH. Sant Kreal Odin
Doberman доберман
Dam: CH. A`Donikons Optimistka
Doberman доберман

Doberman доберман

Health: vWD-clear, OFA hips, OFA elbows, cardio-normal
About: Champion potential! This girl could be a great show dog in Europe. She is strong, deep-chested, wide. Excellent bone structure, gorgeous head with a very intelligent expression. Strong top line, beautiful neck line.


Multi-CH. Precious Friend of Mine (Import: Poland)

Doberman доберман

Sire: Bojan vom Havelland, Sch-3 (95/93/92)
Doberman доберман
Dam: CH. Dura Lex Polonia Darla
Doberman доберман

Show: Champion of Cyprus, Champion of Moldova
Training: BH
Health: DCM - carrier, vWD-carrier, hips-prelim

Pedigree - Pictures

CH. Eldofroche Dimetra

Doberman доберман

Sire: CH. Modus Ost Primor Pilot
Doberman доберман
Dam: CH. Allegra Ruby iz Doma Domeni
Doberman доберман

Show: Champion
Training: BH
Health: OFA hips, OFA elbows, Thyroid-normal, vWD-carrier, DCM1 - Negative, DCM2 - Negative
About: Gorgeous body structure! Massive. Huge chest. Powerful head.

Pedigree - Pictures

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